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Providing Customers

Not just leads


Leads are contacts your sales team has to wade through to find potential buyers. Customers are ready to buy with

appointments set. 





We reach out to your previous and existing customers with our compliant, non-intrusive voice drop campaigns

Interested customers call or text us back, and our team of friendly, capable reps coordinates the sale until customers are ready to buy

When customers are ready to buy, we set up an appointment for your sales team, and transfer the customers contact info and any pertinent data to close the sale



After the hand-off, we follow up to make sure no sale ever falls through the cracks. Our team never gets tired, distracted or too busy



VoiceDrop Pro works outstanding in mass-market industries. We have proven success in the following verticals. If your industry isn't listed, contact us to see if we might be a good fit for what you do.



Having your Sales team spend hours on the phone to generate a single sale is wasted time, time they could be spending engaging with customers who are ready to buy. VoiceDrop Pro can make 1000 calls in just minutes. Our system leaves a message without ever ringing your customer’s cell phone. So customers listen to the message when it’s convenient for them. The message is a carefully crafted offer for special pricing or other incentive, recorded by one of VoiceDrop’s skilled voice actors, that has just the right mix of professional and friendly. Customers call back if they’re interested, and get connected to one of VoiceDrop’s highly trained and super friendly Operators, who pre-qualifies the lead and pre-sells for you, and then either transfers the customer to your sales staff when they are ready to buy, sets a time for you to call them back, or simply sets an appointment for them to come in or you to come to them, depending on your service type. Additionally, VoiceDrop follows up with text messages to any customers who did not respond to the voice message. Texting is simple. It’s safe. It’s easy. So customers text back, our Operators engage them in text chat, again to presell your product or service, and set you appointments for customers ready to buy. So you make sales. 

Possibly most important, for any customers that have engaged with our pre-sales team, we follow up after the appointment time to make sure the connection happened. Our follow up is automated so we never forget, we never get busy, we never get distracted. And if a customer didn't connect or if the appointment was somehow missed by your sales department, we reset the appointment so you don't lose the sale. 


250 Northwest Blvd

Suite 200

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814


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